Accelerate intelligence

Custom AI solutions with business impact

Ready to boost your business value? We build powerful AI solutions that lead to increased efficiency, greater customer satisfaction, improved employee well-being, and higher revenue.

We advocate a collaborative way of working

We work together with you to create AI based solutions that work for you.
We adapt our collaboration approach to your ambition in building your own AI knowledge (or skills).

We deliver for you

We completely unburden the organisation by managing end-to-end delivery of the project and maintenance of the solution.

We co-create with you

We co-create the solution with your internal teams to increase speed to value and optimize knowledge transfer.

We coach you to deliver

We bring deep expertise on specific topics and coach internal teams on engineering best practices and ways of working to optimize their performance.

AI Solutions

Domains of expertise

Want to stay ahead of the competition? Our global network of engineering talent and domain experts is ready to help. From custom development to complex projects, we've got the experience and skills to bring your vision to life.

Computer Vision

Process images and video, recognize objects and scenes, generate labels for visual content and more.

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Natural Language Processing

Talk to your machines by teaching your computers to understand and generate human language.

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Structured data

Transform your structured data into valuable insights that will assist you in solving a variety of problems.

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Voice & Sound

Process, understand and generate audio and speech through multiple business applications.

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Protect your data and revenue streams from theft and more to keep your business successful.

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Make it easier to deploy and maintain machine learning models in production.

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Generative AI

Create one-of-a-kind and innovative content, such as text, images, videos, designs, and sounds.

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Hardware & Sensors

From embedded devices to specialized sensors, we help you add an extra dimesnion to your data.

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From designing and deploying cloud architectures to automating infrastructure management.

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Front-End & Application Development

Let users easily interact with the ML model to understand how it works and improve business processes.

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