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Manufacturing industry challenges

The manufacturing sector is at a critical juncture, faced with challenges that threaten operational efficiency and market position. Key among these challenges are:

Unpredictable downtime

Machine failures disrupt production and cause financial losses. Traditional reactive maintenance models are inadequate.

Inconsistent quality

Product quality issues can harm your brand's reputation and profits. Maintaining high quality is crucial for customer loyalty in today's market.

Inventory management

Global supply chains are complex, making them vulnerable to disruptions that can cause stockouts, delays, and customer demand issues.

ML6 expertise in manufacturing

End-to-end AI solutions for manufacturing

Our experts are equipped to tackle those diverse and complex challenges of the manufacturing industry with our industry knowledge and custom AI solutions tailored to your needs.

Digital twins

ML6 employs AI to create precise digital twins, offering insights for businesses to predict, optimize, and prevent issues through risk-free simulations.


process steering & optimisation

predicitive maintenance

root cause analysis

anomaly detection

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Quality control automation

We automate quality control with advanced technology, ensuring consistent high product quality for your brand and customer satisfaction.


in line quality inspection

waste reduction

defect removal

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Supply chain optimization

Our AI solutions ensure proactive decision-making for efficient supply chain management.


inventory management

production planning & simulation

purchasing admin automation

Automated visual analysis

We enhance defect detection in real time using machine vision and diagnostics, powered by AI for improved accuracy and quality control throughout manufacturing.


AI assisted lab testing


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Data driven sales

ML6 uses data-driven insights to optimize sales processes and drive sustainable growth for manufacturing companies.


dynamic pricing

sales forecasting

demand forecasting

competitor & market analysis

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Reducing energy costs

We leverage AI to optimise your energy consumption based on predicted consumption, production, and market fluctuations. We can help assess your energy flexibility, monetize it, and decide where to invest towards the future.


Energy storage optimisation

EMS configuration

Energy demand forecasting

Demand response planning

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Proven expertise

Success Stories

Explore our success stories to see how we've helped manufacturers streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance productivity with our innovative solutions.

Global FOOD manufacturer

Capacity modeling and process steering

We created a virtual model of the customers' production plant, which allows them to test different scenarios and see how these changes could affect their beer production. This  tool helps them prepare for and adjust to different production situations. By adding a simulation feature to their planning process, we enabled the brewery to predict their production capabilities more accurately. This method improves their planning by considering the unpredictable elements in beer making, using past data to guide decisions.

Global FMCG manuafcturer

Reducing innovation lead time by 40%

Together with a global FMCG company, we workend on semi-automating their product innovation process, where multiple AI co-workes are used to develop product concepts. When combined with human experts, it reduces the innovation cycle time by 35-40%.

Leading chemical manufacturer

Cooling capacity forecasting

To optimize PVC production by precisely predicting the cooling tower's water temperature, we analyzed sensory and weather data from 2015 to 2021, utilizing regression models to understand the factors affecting cooling capacity. This analysis led to a 2-8% increase in PVC production across various lines, employing three models: an updated Excel curve, a linear regression model considering weather parameters, and the most effective LightGBM model incorporating 80 different inputs, including historical data. The implementation of these models significantly improved the accuracy of temperature forecasts, reducing the average error from 1.90 to 0.51, thereby maximizing production efficiency.

Global steel manufacturer

Automated asset deterioration analysis 

To optimise the quality of steel wire by ensuring uniform phosphate coverage, a custom AI solution was built en implemented. By dividing microscope images at a 4000x magnification into several sections, detailed analysis of the phosphate distribution on each part of the steel wire is achieved. ML6 has transitioned from reliance on manual inspection to a data-driven approach, extracting quantitative information from Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images automatically. The machine learning models can effectively predict phosphate density, directly from raw SEM images, marking a significant leap forward in precision and efficiency for quality control processes.

Accolade Wines

Reducing wine loss and generating a 200% ROI by analyzing IoT data and detecting anomalies

Using existing IoT data and building on Google Cloud, ML6 has unlocked significant value, achieving a 200% return on investment within just six months. This approach has had a profound impact on waste reduction and sustainability for our clients, demonstrating the powerful benefits of integrating AI into manufacturing processes.

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