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At ML6, we partner with forward-thinking leaders to transform business models through innovative AI technology. From strategic planning to seamless implementation, our AI services help you leverage AI to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth.

ML6 works with pioneering generative AI companies, enterprises & European governments

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Supercharging your business with AI co-workers

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Through advancements in AI, businesses can achieve significantly more autonomous processes. Autonomous agents—what we like to call AI co-workers—represent the next leap in AI technology. These advanced systems are not just tools but collaborators, capable of sensing their environment, making decisions, and executing tasks with minimal human intervention. Enhancing and augmenting the capabilities of human knowledge workers.

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What we do

AI at the core of your business

We're your dedicated AI partner, translating your business strategy into an AI strategy, roadmap and execution. Our augmented approach ensures efficiency and value, making us your lowest-risk option.

Guide towards value creation

AI strategy

We’ll shape your strategic vision and navigate towards an AI roadmap of impactful use cases.

Sovereign & compliant solutions

Data & AI governance

We embed fairness, transparency, and resilience at the core of AI solutions.

Robust AI solutions

Build custom AI solutions

ML6 builds tailored solutions that create top-line or bottom-line growth.

Productionize & Scale solutions

Bring AI into production

Our twofold-approach assures technical excellence and maximizes user adoption by applying MLOps best practices.

Cases & testimonials

Discover our work


Increasing the sales hit rate to 81% at Randstad with data driven sales

We developed a scalable AI solution that allows their sales consultants to focus their time on contacting companies who have real potential for Randstad, and enabling them to build conversations based on accurate and relevant information 

large e-commerce company

Optimizing inventory replenishment with AI resulting in a top-line growth of EUR 10 million

With over 1,000 products, the company needed to avoid out-of-stock situations by ensuring proper inventory levels at both the main depot and regional warehouses. To address this, ML6 built an AI-driven sales forecasting system that accurately predicted sales for the next six weeks using historical data and market trends. This resulted in a significant reduction in missed sales due to inventory shortages, leading to a EUR 10 million growth opportunity and improved overall operations.

Global FMCG manufacturer

AI co-worker shortens innovation lead time by 40%

Semi-autonomous product innovation for a global FMCG manufacturer, where product concepts are developed with the help of multiple digital AI colleagues. Combined with human experts, it shortens the innovation lead time by 35-40%.

Why ML6

10 + years of AI expertise

ML6 is a team of data scientists and machine learning engineers on a mission to empower businesses with artificial intelligence. We're one of Europe's fastest-growing AI studios and like to pioneer new technologies.

150+ global clients

Dream big: companies from all over the world trust our work to transform the way they work and create value with AI.

200 + AI experts

Our unique team blends deep tech expertise with creative minds to envision and execute bold strategies and innovative solutions.

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