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Strategic AI solutions for governmental institutions

ML6 stands as your strategic partner, committed to using AI to address the specific challenges of governmental institutions. Our mission is to redefine possibilities within the public sector, transforming challenges into opportunities for enhanced efficiency, sustainability, and citizen engagement.

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Todays' challenges

In an era marked by digital transformation, the public sector stands on the edge of a new revolution powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
ML6 is your strategic partner, dedicated to using AI to help you overcome today's challenges. We aim to redefine possibilities in the public sector, turning obstacles into opportunities for enhanced efficiency, sustainability, and citizen engagement.

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End-to-end AI Solutions

We specialize in building advanced AI solutions tailored to address the unique challenges faced by governmental institutions. Our AI expertise helps streamline operations, enhance service delivery, and optimize resource management, ultimately improving efficiency, sustainability, and citizen engagement.

Digital governance & efficiency

We use AI to enhance the efficiency of government operations and improve governance structures. By automating administrative processes and optimizing service delivery, these solutions aim to reduce bureaucratic overhead and enhance the quality of public services.


Automated document processing

AI powered chatbots and virtual assistants

Intelligent traffic systems

Public service automation

We use AI-driven automation to handle routine tasks, freeing human resources for critical thinking and decision-making. This optimizes resource allocation and enhances the responsiveness and accessibility of public services.


Autonomous agents

Public procurement and contract management

Fraud detection / anomaly detection

Data-driven decision making

We empower governmental institutions with advanced data analytics and machine learning tools to derive actionable insights from vast datasets. These insights guide policy decisions, resource allocation, and service improvements, ensuring data-driven governance.


Resource allocation

Traffic management & Planning

Public safety and crime prevention

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Security and compliance

We deploy AI solutions to enhance data security and privacy in the public sector, ensuring compliance with regulations and safeguarding against breaches. Our systems build public trust in government digital initiatives by protecting sensitive information.


Sensitive data pseudonymisations

Fraud detection

Energy consumption & efficiency in public buildings

Proven expertise

Success Stories

EU Council

Strategic advice

We conducted an ethical advisory and technical use case assessment for an AI-based solution for the EU Council's newsroom team, ensuring responsible AI deployment and compliance with ethical guidelines.


Facilitate knowledge sharing over 1.600 notaries by the Clause Module.

ML6 built an AI solution that makes these documents searchable in an intelligent way using advanced NLP techniques and pseudonymization. The intelligent search engine enables users to swiftly scan through a wealth of documents, and thus serve as a valuable source of inspiration for drafting contracts and clauses, resulting in an enormous time and efficiency gain.

Federale overheidsdienst justitiE

Increasing the transparency & efficiency of judicial processes

We enhanced the transparency and efficiency of judicial processes by digitizing over 1.2 million court decisions annually. Techniques employed include automatic summarization of judgments, pseudonymization, and automatic tagging of judgments. This approach significantly improves accessibility and management of legal documents.


A smart and data driven solution for the road lighting on Flemish highways

The Flemish government and the Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV) are collaborating with ML6 to enhance highway lighting efficiency, reducing energy consumption and light pollution. By utilizing ML6’s AI solutions, AWV can manage lighting dynamically, illuminating areas only when necessary for safety. This approach not only conserves energy and lowers costs but also protects the environment. Operators use data-driven insights for progressively automated lighting control, ensuring energy savings and reduced light pollution without compromising road user safety.

Digitaal Vlaandren

Setup of an AI Competence Center

ML6 assisted Digitaal Vlaanderen with use case ideation, assessment, and prioritization, as well as design thinking and fraud detection. Our collaboration focused on identifying valuable AI applications, evaluating their potential impact, and implementing innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and security.

Why ML6

Transforming government organisations with AI

Cybersecure & Compliant

We assist clients in creating secure solutions by providing cybersecurity consulting, risk assessments, and incident response planning to manage cyber threats and privacy issues while integrating new technologies. Additionally, we specialize in mitigating ransomware attacks, ensuring continuous business operations and revenue flow by implementing measures to prevent or minimize their impact. Moreover, our expertise ensures GDPR compliance, safeguarding valuable data from breaches, hackers, and potential penalties, thereby protecting both financial assets and reputation.

Ethical & Trustworthy AI

ML6 actively engages in public policy discussions and regulatory feedback, particularly concerning the EU AI Act, collaborating with private and public entities to aid adaptation in the changing AI landscape. We prioritize employee training using practical data and ethical guidelines, equipping our teams to anticipate and address potential risks in AI solutions, fostering ethical decision-making even in intricate scenarios.


ML6 is dedicated to creating  AI solutions designed for scalability, harnessing the latest technologies to ensure adaptability and growth.


Through our commitment to innovation and understanding of the challenges within the public sector, ML6 acts as a reliable partner capable of driving meaningful transformation in GovTech initiatives, ensuring smarter, more efficient, and data-driven governments.


By embedding MLOps best practices across our projects, we empower you to unlock the complete potential of AI in the most efficient manner. Additionally, we offer guidance to enhance your existing MLOps approach, customizing solutions to align with your infrastructure and unique requirements. Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all MLOps solution doesn't exist, our expertise is geared toward collaborating with you to craft the optimal MLOps solution tailored to your needs.

GDPR compliant / Regulatory compliance

Achieve regulatory compliance (eg. GDPR) , facilitate data sharing, and safeguard privacy through the use of pseudonymization or anonymization. ML6 offers expert guidance, reducing costs and development time with reusable components. These techniques are essential for protecting personal data, ensuring compliance, enabling data sharing, and fostering trust, depending on the use case and relevant regulations.

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