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Deliver the right digital content to the right people at the right time.

Managing and distributing digital content can be complicated, especially when dealing with large volumes, multiple formats and multiple languages. This can lead to ineffective storage, curation and publication of content, making it difficult for content consumers to find what they need.
Here is where our AI-based content management platforms come in. They provide the tools for centralized content creation, storage, organization and distribution, while also enabling automatic creation, formatting and efficient distribution of content to end users.

Business Value

AI-powered content management platforms can add value in several ways.

Automating content acquisition and curation processes

Manually managing and curating the enormous amount of content in today’s digital world is almost impossible. Luckily, content management platforms can automate some of this process by collecting and combining content from internal and external sources in various formats and languages. The platform can automatically analyze, score, rank, cluster, and match documents using powerful AI algorithms to select or create new content.

Easy search and access to all content

An AI-powered search engine can make it easier for users to find content by allowing them to search using natural language rather than rigid keywords and filters. This type of search engine can handle ambiguous search terms, synonyms, and alternative phrasing to find the content users are looking for. To create more effective search engines, hybrid AI combines traditional search techniques with natural language processing.

Support in creating, lay-outing and distributing content

Content management platforms can help with content creation, formatting, and sharing. They can automatically summarize long text documents and generate text based on examples using advanced NLP techniques, such as Large Language Models. Additionally, computer vision techniques and generative AI can assist with layout tasks, saving editors and publishers a significant amount of time.

Client cases


When creating a content management platform, there are some functional and technical challenges to consider, such as:

GDPR regulations

In many organizations, content might contain personal information that is protected under GDPR. To protect sensitive data and meet privacy regulations, AI tools can anonymize or pseudonymize information.

Specialized knowledge and skills

Creating a content management platform is difficult because it requires technical expertise to set up and maintain the algorithms. Integrating it with existing systems is also complex and expensive. Working with a third-party provider that specializes in AI-powered content management can help to simplify this process.

Human-in-the-loop for validation

NLP algorithms are great for summarizing documents and creating new text, but it's still important to involve humans in the validation process. These techniques are usually used to assist content management rather than replace human involvement entirely.

The solution

A content management platform is made up of several essential building blocks that work together to create a powerful and efficient system:

Data layer

This layer brings together digital content from various sources, including internal and external sources, and stores it in one central location for easy access.

Intelligent layer

This layer consists of AI-powered pipelines and algorithms that automate tasks such as translation, summarization, and text generation. The algorithms used depend on the specific needs and use case of the organization.

User interface and security

The user interface allows end-users to access the content platform, and security measures are in place to ensure that only specific user groups can access certain content. These measures improve the platform's relevancy for each user.

(Semantic) search engine

The search engine enables users to efficiently retrieve relevant information by clustering, ranking, scoring, and matching pieces of information or documents.

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