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Experience a winning end-to-end approach

From software development to data sourcing, edge deployment and security best practices, our goal is to provide your business with complete end-to-end AI solutions.

Implementing our solutions is easy, because we guide you throughout the entire process. Need help coming up with strategies or training your employees? We support you every step of the way.

Moreover, we understand that building in-house capabilities can be a significant investment. That's why we offer support and maintenance services, so you can fully outsource your AI solutions if you wish.

Finally, we believe AI technology should be accessible and simple to use for any business. How we achieve that? By removing all technology barriers. Whether it's security, ethics, regulations, user adoption, technology selection or navigating internal stakeholders, we help you overcome every challenge.


Learn. Apply. Repeat.

Every project is unique, but our collaborative approach always works. First, we make sure we understand the project's goals and issues in the kickoff phase.

Then, using agile methods such as kanban or sprints, we deliver the project in short iterations, incorporating feedback and making adjustments as we go. Once the project is finished, we document and transfer all our knowledge so that your business can thrive independently.

Cloud providers

Multi cloud

As a service partner, we can build and host custom solutions on the cloud of your choice, we have partnerships with the main cloud platforms:

Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services

Modern Tech Stack

Tech Radar

We use a tech radar to evaluate and maintain track of technologies. It’s a visual tool that helps us quickly identify what is the best fit for our needs, so we can make relevant trade-offs between standardization and exploration. Our tech radar is not available to the public and only accessible to people working at ML6, as it is an integral part of our internal processes and daily workflows.

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Our boilerplates are pre-built code blocks that help our developers build machine learning solutions. They save time by providing a solid foundation for their machine learning projects and make it easier to maintain and update the model over time as well as facilitate collaboration and handover of code.

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ISO Certified Security

From the first sales contact to production deliveries, we integrate security into every business process. Our secure development procedure includes multiple security checks, and we regularly perform third-party pen tests to identify vulnerabilities. We're ISO certified, which demonstrates our dedication to reliable security according to the ISO/IEC 27001:2017 international standard.

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