Responsible AI

Our promise? Building and developing safe and secure AI solutions while adhering to the highest ethical and legal standards.

Organizational measures

We are experts in ethical AI. The structure of our organization is the best proof of that.

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Involvement in public debate & regulation

The European Union is working on the EU AI Act, which will affect technology companies that develop or provide high-risk AI solutions. As we work with private and public organizations to provide feedback on these regulatory changes, we are helping companies adapt to the evolving AI landscape.

Employee training and awareness

When creating AI solutions, it’s important to identify potential risks early so we can mitigate them. That's why we train all our employees using real-world data and best practices so they can recognize these risks and make ethical decisions even in complex situations.

Ethical AI advisory board

We have an ethical advisory board to discuss ethically sensitive projects, including those that may be impacted by upcoming regulations. The goal is to identify potential risks early on with input from a diverse Ethical AI team and take action to mitigate risks during the development of AI solutions.

Research and collaboration

As the field rapidly expands, we continue to follow the latest developments, study best practices, and improve our tools to create trustworthy AI solutions. Not only do we provide advisory services on how to implement trust into AI, we also share our knowledge and insights through articles and collaborations.

Purpose & Principles

Building AI solutions with trust

AI presents a great opportunity to make life better, but we must act responsibly to be worthy of this privilege. That’s why our core principles focus on fairness, transparency, security and privacy so we can build trust with all users and society.

Benefit society

As we consider the potential applications and uses of AI, we’ll only proceed when we believe the benefits substantially exceed the foreseeable risks and downsides. For each project, we also carefully consider the environmental and societal impact.

Ensure technical robustness

By making resilience, security, safety, and reliability a top priority when building AI solutions, we mitigate the risk of unintended consequences. We do this because we strive for scientific excellence at all times.


When we work with our clients, we establish the necessary mechanisms to ensure that the applications we build are resilient and scalable and hold ourselves accountable for the results.

Respect human autonomy

We want to be a trustworthy partner for all of our clients, which is why you can count on us to always explain in detail how the AI technology works. In addition, we have established feedback channels, and are committed to staying transparent.

Advocate fairness and transparency

In the design of all our applications, we proactively advocate diversity, avoid unfair bias, and consider fairness and transparency.

Protect personal information and security

Our data security & governance protocols and policies guarantee that privacy, data quality, protection and integrity are at the heart of everything we do.

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April 14, 2021

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May 3, 2022

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May 12, 2022

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December 1, 2022

AI for the green transition - Applications and use cases [Part 2]

Examples of AI use cases for transport & mobility and environment & oceans.

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December 1, 2022

AI for the green transition - Applications and use cases [Part 1]

Examples of AI use cases for climate action and clean energy and sustainable industry and agriculture.

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Commitment to the environment

Adopting eco-friendly practices wherever we can is how we minimize our environmental impact. We accomplish this by ...

Researching sustainable AI solutions

We support studies on sustainable AI solutions such as traffic optimization, smart agriculture, weather and climate forecasting, etc.

Optimising compute resources

We strive to develop powerful technical solutions for our clients that optimise compute resources and provide improved reliable uniform performance.

Reducing our environmental footprint

Development principles, such as the use of pre-trained models, ensure that we minimize the footprint of our solutions during development, deployment and use.

Making use of green cloud providers

By utilizing green cloud providers, we maximize energy efficiency, promote the use of recyclable materials, and reduce the use of hazardous IT components.

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