Generative foundation models have catapulted AI to the top of executive agenda’s. These types of models are demonstrating the maturity of AI as transformation tool, and proving the need for companies to take a stance on using AI now, or be left behind by competition

Defining your AI charter

We can guide you through the reflection process to define your ambition and potential boundaries in the use of AI.

  • Starting from your corporate strategy, appetite for innovation, and corporate values
  • Providing you with the necessary understanding of AI, its potential and risks
Paying attention to legislation and ethical AI principles
Business Model

Discover new revenue streams

We can help you identify new types of business and sources of revenue by leveraging the unique potential of AI

  • Starting from your current value streams, and inherent strengths build through those
  • Leveraging the innovative capacities of AI to extend or shift your current sources of revenue
Paying attention to legislation and ethical AI principles
Operating model

Disrupt your way of working

We can collaborate with you to intro- duce AI in your teams & processes to transform your current way of working

  • Starting from your objective eg in terms of productivity, sustainability, commercial excellence
  • Assessing feasibility & value of introducing AI in your processes
  • Shaping & planning AI program to realise the upfront stated objective
Paying attention to legislation and ethical AI principles

Way of working

We adopt a pragmatic and collaborative approach marrying our knowledge of AI with your knowledge of your industry to shape your plans for the future and ensure informed decision making

ML AI Expertise

Deep understanding of all AI domains, the potential, limitations and challenges in using AI based solutions in a real world context

AI consulting assets

Created based on ten years of project experience, to enable structured and focused discussions and deliverable creation

Trustworthy and secure AI

Lawful, ethical, robust and secure usage of AI is always in our minds, ensuring conscious and informed choices

Cross industry fertilisation

Insight and best practices building and sharing across different sectors and types of companies as a source of inspiration

Tailored outcome

Taking your company strategy, values, culture and appetite for change as a starting point for setting customised ambitions and shaping your future plans

Client references

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Abstract image with a server and a cloud

AI Competence Center for Digitaal Vlaanderen

With the setup of an AI Competence Center Digitaal Vlaanderen is taking a central role regarding AI within the Flemish Government. We supported the agency in bringing together and inspiring different entities to ideate and prioritise high-value AI use cases. By further funnelling and detailing some of these use cases via a design thinking approach, we proved the value through the delivery of a working prototype.

Computer generated EU flag on blue background

Ethical and Technical Assessment forthe EU Council Newsroom team

ML6 evaluated the technical feasibility and potential ethical risks involved in using an AI-based solution for annotating media assets. We used our risk assessment methodology to assess the key ethical challenges based on the 7 dimensions of Trustworthy AI and give recommendations to mitigate potential risks already in the design of a technical solution.
‚ÄćRead the full case study here.

ML6 as your partner in AI

We have a hands-on, proven track record in AI projects

10 years of experience in the data and AI domain of experience, expanding from a local Belgian to a European presence

300 + projects on different use cases , designing, building and running AI based solutions that transform the heart of our clients

150+ clients in different industries, including manufacturing; life sciences, media, retail & ecommerce, waste handling & recycling, energy, financial services, real estate, as well as governmental institutions 

We have an informed opinion on the future

15% of time invested in own research & development, to ensure we stay at the forefront of AI innovation, testing new models and techniques and contribution to new developments

3.000.000+ downloads per month of ML6 open source contributions: underlining our active role in the open source community and the practical relevance of our contributions

250+ publications with tough leadership knowledge and opinions, available on our ML6 website providing free access to up to date AI expertise 


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