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Empowering nonprofits with AI Solutions

At ML6, we believe in the power of AI to drive positive change and make a lasting impact on the world. Our ML6 for Good program is a testament to our commitment to using cutting-edge technology for the greater good. We partner with nonprofit organizations to accelerate their mission-critical initiatives by providing them with access to our AI expertise and solutions. Here's why "doing good" is at the heart of what we do.

Why Do Good matters to ML6

"Doing good" is one of our core values at ML6. As a leading company in the field of artificial intelligence, we recognize our responsibility to harness AI's potential for positive, long-term change.

With the ML6 for Good program, we extend our commitment to the nonprofit sector by offering our services "pro bono." This enables us to utilize our skills and tools to improve the world and the environment by granting nonprofits access to the same advanced AI solutions that businesses benefit from.

Our impact so far

Our dedication to "doing good" has led to meaningful collaborations with nonprofit organizations on several impactful projects. Here are a few examples of the work we've done in the past.

IDA Foundation

We partnered with IDA Foundation on three distinct use-cases, including "Forecasting of emergency health kits," "Pallet packaging optimization," and "Emergency event detection" based on social web data. These projects aimed to create data-driven approaches to anticipate disasters and optimize the transportation of critical supplies for countries in need.


We assisted Arop VZW by developing an initial version of an automatic visual quality inspection workflow for their sheltered workshops. This tool aids workers in their daily activities, enhancing the quality and efficiency of their work. and

In collaboration with and, we've been working on a visual detection tool with image segmentation capabilities. This tool is designed to identify different types of corals and detect coral bleaching, contributing to raising awareness about the preservation of these vital ecosystems.


One ambitious project we're working on is the "Pesticide Predictor." We ask the question: Can we predict the presence of certain pesticides based on the kind of agricultural land surrounding a measuring point? By applying machine learning algorithms to the data collected from various agricultural regions, we aim to develop a tool that can alert farmers and environmental agencies to potential pesticide contamination risks. This innovative approach combines technology and nature to safeguard our environment, promoting sustainable agriculture and a healthier planet for all.

Plan International

By gaining insights into the donor journey, efficiency and effectiveness of fundraising could be enhanced. With insights gained from a data-driven approach, the ultimate goal is to enable fundraisers to take better and more personal care of existing donors based on their needs, while spending less resources and funds in the process.

Contact our team

Our ML6 for Good team is led by Sharon Grundmann and Birgit Mullie. They're backed by a passionate group of ML6 employees eager to assist nonprofits. Together, this dedicated team collaborates with nonprofits, ensuring AI is a force for positive change.

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