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We believe AGI will be created in our lifetime. Our goal? To help you to adapt faster and to stay on top of this technological revolution.
We help you to navigate, to activate and to build AI.

Navigate Intelligence

Strategic advice for CEO’s, advisory boards and c-suite executives

Activate Intelligence

We can increase your productivity by 10x using the latest innovations

Build Intelligence

We help you build your strategic AI assets, including data, A(G)I models, products, platforms and more.

Strategic advice

Navigate Intelligence

Need strategic advice to secure your future in an intelligence-activated world? By leveraging our AI expertise, we bring a fresh perspective to the strategy of advisory boards, CEOs, and c-suite executives as a basis for informed decisions on an AI strategy.

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Edle Everaert

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Activate Intelligence

You're ambitious and want your business to function at its best. Thanks to A(G)I, we can increase your productivity by 10x using the latest innovations coming from Google, Microsoft, AWS, Open AI, the open source community or other organisations.

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Jean Frerot

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Edle Everaert

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We invent it, build it and protect it

Build Intelligence

Ready to take the lead in A(G)I? Our expert consultants will guide you on what to buy, build, or outsource. Plus, we help you build your strategic AI assets, including data, A(G)I models, products & platforms and more.

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Jens Bontinck

Head of Delivery and Advice

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The future belongs to those who can master big data. We help you extract insights from massive amounts of data, understand your customers, and turn insights into action.

Check out our framework for foundation models.


From advanced publishing models to cutting-edge LLMs for the food industry, developing a multimodal robot control unit or a generative AI for marketing purposes. Let’s collaborate and bring your AI vision to life.


We help you build innovative, industry-leading digital products that drive success. Whether you want to use A(G)I to generate leads, increase your sales or find new ways to engage with your customers.


Looking to take the DIY route? You got it. Engage with us to push the boundaries of your data and AI teams, or leverage our expertise to jumpstart your efforts in MLOps, LLMOps, and beyond.

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Save time and money on powerful business impact with our customizable pre-built AI solutions. Discover all solutions now.

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