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Customer testimonials


ML6 has a great team of data scientists with advanced technical knowledge. Our collaboration was smooth and efficient.

Christine Minetou (Policy Expert)

Chief Pricing Officer

“ML6 really supported us to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence in our platform. From helping us securing the necessary innovation funds, to exploring different use cases (based on various data sources, eg. images, text, tabular data) and setting up the necessary pipelines and APIs.”

Keypoint Testimonial - Jonathan Goderis

Managing Director at Keypoint

“45% of our leads are now coming from the March Matching Engine. That is very much in line with our ambition to be twice as efficient in our industry than our competitors. We are on the right track and can continue to work on making our algorithm even more accurate by adding more features and further fine-tuning the model.”

March - Philippe Meire - Case Quote

Co-founder & CEO March

“We went from months between releases to biweekly release cycles now. The fact that we’re now able to reach this pace is really amazing.”


Technical Program Manager AI/ML at ASML

"I was very positively surprised by the interpretation of what we are asking. Because that's where it often goes wrong. Someone asks something from a business/strategic standpoint, and then it evolves into something else in the final product. That's the strongest point of ML6: listening to customers. And of course, the technical competence. The team is really on point."

March Real Estate

Co-founder & CEO

“Our AI-driven platform is a unique example of business ideas meeting technology resulting in the capability to analyse content continuously”

Funke Mediengruppe - Heiko Testimonial

CIO at Funke


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