Transforming Cosmec’s In-Line Quality Inspection with AI


In the competitive world of heavy clay processing and brick production, ensuring product quality and consistency is critical for success. Cosmec, an Italian industrial automation specialist, faced the challenge of achieving this goal for their customers by partnering with ML6. By integrating ML6’s in-line quality solution, they achieved automated identification of broken bricks with over 90% accuracy. This breakthrough has led to substantial reductions in downstream waste and an increased customer satisfaction for the brick producers that are Cosmec’s customers. The machine vision solution, seamlessly integrated with Cosmec's brick handling equipment, exemplifies ML6's commitment to delivering solutions that yield tangible positive impacts.

Intro to the customer

Cosmec is known for providing excellent industrial automation solutions, marked by innovation and a strong commitment to top-notch quality  The company's expertise spans a diverse range of industries, including heavy clay processing, where it has established a reputation for excellence. Cosmec's drive for continuous improvement and its embrace of advanced technologies led it to seek a partnership with ML6, recognizing the transformative power of AI in addressing the challenges of in-line quality inspection.


Using natural raw materials in heavy clay processing comes with variations that make it tough to ensure consistent quality for Cosmec's customers. These material fluctuations lead to inconsistencies during production, affecting both product quality and process yield. Traditional quality inspection methods, relying on manual inspection and subjective assessments, were proving inadequate in addressing these challenges. Cosmec needed a solution that could automate the inspection process, providing real-time insights and enabling proactive interventions to ensure consistent product quality.

ML6 is a game changer for companies seeking to demystify and adopt AI. They have made the collaboration effortless and allowed us to rapidly embed AI into our product suite, giving us a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Sales manager


Mirko Rorer


ML6's expertise in AI and its proven track record in developing cutting-edge solutions made it an ideal partner for Cosmec. ML6's team collaborated closely with Cosmec to understand the specific requirements of the heavy clay processing industry and to develop a tailored in-line quality solution. Leveraging its advanced machine vision and machine learning capabilities, ML6 designed a system that could accurately identify and classify defects in real-time, enabling Cosmec to take immediate corrective actions and maintain consistent product quality.





The implementation of ML6's in-line quality solution has had a transformative impact on the operations of Cosmec's customers. By accurately detecting broken bricks over 90% of the time, it significantly reduced waste and boosted production efficiency. Moreover, the real-time insights provided by the system have empowered their customers to proactively identify and address potential quality issues, further enhancing the consistency and overall quality of its products. As a result, Cosmec has experienced a marked increase in customer satisfaction, further solidifying its position as a leader in the heavy clay processing industry.