January 11, 2024

Webinar | The AI Act in practice - preparing for the upcoming regulation

Michiel Van Lerbeirghe
Legal counsel
Kai Zenner
Head of Office and Digital Policy Adviser for MEP Axel Voss
Rob Vandenberghe
Head of Security and responsible AI consultant
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On 8 December, a political agreement was reached on the EU AI Act, the first comprehensive legislation aiming to promote safe AI that respects fundamental rights.

Providers of AI systems already need to take different regulations impacting the development, deployment and use of AI into account, such as GDPR or copyright regulation. With the upcoming AI Act, the regulatory environment is evolving further. For companies, a structured AI governance approach and integrated risk management processes will be essential to build compliant and Trustworthy AI systems.

In this webinar, we will analyse what the AI Act adds to the existing framework and how businesses can prepare.


1. Where are we now with the AI Act?

Introduction by Kai Zenner: Look-back to the legislative process and what work remains to be done.

2. Interplay with current legislation.

Michiel Van Lerbeirghe: Overview of the current rules impactng AI development, deployment and use (e.g. GDPR or intellectual property rights), and the interplay with the AI Act.

3. Cybersecurity and the AI Act.

Rob Vanderberghe: Examples of common vulnerabilities in AI systems and strategies to mitigate them.

4. Responsible AI in practice.

Caroline Adam: Embedding responsible AI and risk management in your organisation.

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