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The ultimate goal of any project is to boost business processes or their users, not just to build a model. How? By creating an application that allows users to interact with the model and gain insight into how it works.

This can be accomplished through the use of a front end, which can take many forms, including a website, dashboard, or user portal. The front end can be used for model monitoring, validation, and even re-training. With our expertise, you can easily determine which front end is required to increase your business value.

Typical challenges

Building a computer vision solution can be complex process. Let's take a look at some common challenges.


Websites usually need protection with login credentials instead of being public. This means using the right authentication method for each client, which can be Google or LDAP. Ensuring that the right access groups have the right permissions is a major challenge.

Integration in the existing systems

To effectively implement AI , it's best to integrate it into existing workflows and processes. For some businesses, this means adding a front-end component to existing solutions or older technology. This can include heavy-duty devices and bought solutions.


To successfully present an AI solution to an audience, front-end scalability must be prioritized. This includes factors such as rendering components and data load times. If the application appears slow to users, it can negatively impact its adoption.

Design and wireframing

Design and wireframing are critical stages in front-end development as they determine how the website looks and functions. A well-designed website can encourage the adoption of an AI solution. On the other hand, if the website is poorly designed or not user-friendly, users may not even consider using the underlying algorithm.

Define the right way to present results

While it's important to get accurate results from an AI algorithm, it's equally important to present them correctly to the user. The presentation should allow users to understand the information and make informed decisions based on it.


When developing an AI solution, different users may have different needs. Some may use the front-end daily, while others may focus on labeling data or analyzing performance. It's crucial to identify the different user personas and design the front-end accordingly.

High level outline of the solution

Front-end layer

This layer creates the visual interface that users see. Whether you use HTML/CSS or React/NodeJS, the browser needs instructions on what to display. The front end doesn't hold any information and is referred to as ‘stateless’.

Back-end layer

The back-end layer communicates with the front-end layer and provides it with the necessary information. It acts as a bridge between the two and handles functionalities such as pagination.

Authentication layer

The authentication layer manages who has access to the system and verifies users by communicating with the authentication provider.

Internationalization layer

The internationalization layer allows a website to be presented in multiple languages, making the same functionality available to the end user but in different supported languages.


The backend is the backbone of the application and doesn't need to interact directly with the front-end. It manages data operations, AI predictions, and more.

Partnerships vs. doing things ourselves

We know that building an appealing and user-friendly interface is important for your project. For large projects with many features beyond machine learning, the best way to make that happen is to team up with front-end experts. Why? Because we can streamline the development process, shorten iteration cycles, and ultimately deliver a polished final product that meets the needs of your business.

However, for smaller projects or projects with fewer users, we are more than capable of taking on the full end-to-end project ourselves. We want to make collaboration as easy as possible while making sure that the front end maximizes the potential of our AI solution.

So, no matter the project size, we're always committed to delivering the best possible results that showcase the capabilities of our AI solution while providing you with an outstanding user experience.

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