The backbone of every solution

At the heart of any IT solution is its infrastructure, which includes the hardware and software necessary to run it.

For example, machine learning model training requires a dedicated machine, and to speed up the process, multiple machines and management software are needed to distribute the workload. Without infrastructure, there’s no solution.

Types of infrastructure

Infrastructure is a core component of any IT solution and is therefore part of every use case. Let's highlight some of the types of infrastructure we have experience with:

Automated ML model training, deployment and serving

This is our bread and butter. We use this infrastructure to train, verify, deploy and serve new machine learning models.

Event-driven infrastructure

This type of infrastructure is built around the concept of real-time events. This means that every change in a database is captured and published to other systems, which can then react to it.

On-prem/cloud hybrid infrastructure

Not every solution can be run entirely in the cloud. We have, however, set up infrastructures that can use the cloud's scalability for training ML models while serving those models on-premise.

High level outline of the solution

We often use cloud services like GCP, AWS, and Azure to make our infrastructure work. They take care of the hardware side of things, so we can focus on the actual solution.

We start with a basic setup using Nimbus (our own tool), and use Terraform to manage everything. Terraform lets us describe the infrastructure in code, so we can easily keep track of what's going on and make sure it stays consistent.

Managed Infrastructure partners

Since infrastructure depends on the specific use case, we typically build our own infrastructure in the cloud.

However, because Paperbox is an expert in this area, we occasionally use their infrastructure for document processing.

For edge deployment, we collaborate with other parties to make sure everything runs smoothly and meets uptime requirements.


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