HYBRID Solution

AI-powered quality inspection and process steering for manufacturers

Automate in-line quality inspection, defect removal and process steering with our managed machine learning solution. Minimize implementation risks and leverage a decade of research and experience. We combine economical hardware with a flexible integration plan.

Take manufacturing efficiency to new heights with AI

In manufacturing, quality and process control can be time-intensive and prone to human error. Automating your quality inspection and process control results in:

  • Minimized production waste
  • Consistent product quality
  • Enhanced quality inspection efficiency
  • Optimized production throughput
  • Reduced repetitive workload for operators
  • Support a data-driven continuous improvement cycle

Our Machine Learning powered solution offers an economical way to deliver value fast, while tailoring to your needs where customization is essential.

Quality Inspection with AI machine vision

Flexible and accurate visual quality inspection across your whole production line (raw material souring, manufacturing, packaging) to get the most accurate quality insights for your complex and dynamic products, in real-time.


Automated Defect Removal

 Complex products (and linked quality grading), typically still require a (in most cases) manual defect removal step. We provide your operators with an extra set of hands to automate parts of this, or limit the operators workload to validating our automated defect removals.


Automated Process Steering

Having automated access to much more details of the production process (eg. types of defects across multiple steps), allows for faster updates of the production parameters (eg. heating times, temperatures etc). Our integrated solution allows you to leverage these insights as well to push quality (but also throughput and efficiency) further.

Cutting-edge Machine Learning

Model assisted data labelling

Label images up to 10 times faster with auto-annotations

In-line feedback

Continuously monitor product quality in real-time and provide feedback for future root cause analysis.

One-shot prompting

Add labels for anomalies or new classes through a visual prompting interface, on the production line, further reducing labelling efforts.

3D object modelling

Benefit from increased quality inspection accuracy, precise measurements and the ability to assess complex three-dimensional aspects of products and materials.

Standardised building blocks with a tailored approach

Our unique approach results in a tailored solution based on modular building blocks. This way, we offer the best of both worlds: we customise where needed and provide the cost-effectiveness and scalability of a product.

1. Capture - We provide the hardware to capture the images of your products, fitted to your needs . We install and monitor them and guarantee their operations.

2. Inspect - Our ML core processes the captured images using a custom model to detect or classify the products according to your use case.



We train a custom machine learning model on your data to meet all your quality inspection needs.

3. Integrate - We integrate with your PLC’s to communicate the inspection results and send steering instructions.


PLC integration

We build a bespoke integration with your machines to communicate, intervene and steer

4. Report - We show production metrics on standard reports and dashboards.


Labelling and retraining

We expose a custom labelling and retraining setup to support a continuous improvement cycle for your quality inspection process

5. Maintain - We provide maintenance and support for the solution to guarantee security patches and future functionality upgrades.

The solution in practice

Technical specifications

Orders of magnitude estimates for typical use cases, changes may apply

Camera and lens

Area scan camara 
9 fps - 60 fps
12.3 MP - 2MP
8.6mm - 16mm focal length


2 x USB 2.0 and 2 x USB 3.0
16 bit (8-In 8-Out) DI/DO

Industrial communication

Modbus, snap7, opc-ua


Private VPN / E2e encryption
Unidirectional gateway


Functionality and security updates
24/7 or business hours
1st line support
Contractual SLA agreements

Machine Learning models

ONNX model serving for 
Classification, segmentation and object detection


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A Hybrid solution

What is a hybrid solution ?

We offer the best of both worlds: we customise  where needed and provide the cost-effectiveness and scalability of a product.

We provide a standardized approach of solving a quality inspection case end-to-end.