November 24, 2022

Webinar | Sustainable AI: What can be done today

Jeffrey Hagen
Territory Lead NL | Squad Lead
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Sustainability is a hot topic and AI technology is seen as a catalyst for moving to a more sustainable world. In the context of environmental and climate action, AI is recognized as a tool to contribute to the accomplishment of the green transition and to make our industry more sustainable.

Numerous potential AI use cases have been listed in these areas, yet it remains difficult for organisations to identify where and how they can use AI today to help achieve their sustainability objectives. In this webinar, our speakers Samuel Young (Energy Systems Catapult) and Jeffrey Hagen (ML6) will take a pragmatic look at what’s happening today in the following areas:

  • Energy Systems: AI is being applied in a range of contexts within the energy sector, but the key question is: how effectively are those AI applications actually accelerating decarbonisation? We’ll explore a range of AI applications through that lens, and discuss where we should be focusing our AI efforts to maximise impact on decarbonisation. By Samuel Young.
  • Manufacturing: we’ll look at concrete AI solutions that have been deployed to make our industry more sustainable by reducing waste and optimising energy consumption. By Jeffrey Hagen.

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