Jeffrey Hagen


Jeffrey is a passionate, multidisciplinary engineer with a strong pragmatic focus and agile mindset. By combining engineering, people and project management skills, his ambition is to disrupt leading businesses with AI. Jeffrey is Project Manager and Squad Lead within ML6. 

As a Project Manager he works closely together with our customers and ML6 engineers to make sure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and within scope. As Machine Learning projects are by definition probabilistic, he finds it important that you learn fast and approach projects iteratively. Thinking big but starting simple is required in order to be successful. Transparency, trust and open communication are of essential importance to Jeffrey. 

Jeffrey leads our Delta squad which is mainly located in Amsterdam. He is responsible for making the squad an independent team within ML6. Jeffrey enables shared responsibility in the team which allows squad members to grow. He makes sure there is a clear line of communication between the squad and the rest of ML6 and supports a strong feedback and knowledge sharing culture. 

Jeffrey has a background in mechanical engineering and a passion for Artificial Intelligence which help him in solving real world problems in multiple industries. He likes to inspire others by giving external talks about ML use cases or Project Management. To read some of his views on e.g. how to get started with ML in the manufacturing industry you can check out his blogpost. 

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