Simon Logghe


As Managing Director of ML6, Simon is primarily in charge of developing and rolling out the business strategy, coaching the ML6 leadership team on a day-to-day basis and closely collaborating with some of our key customers. 

One of Simon's missions is to enable everyone at ML6 to take ownership and responsibility for their respective part of the business, empowering them to align their day-to-day decisions with company strategic goals by providing the right context.

Simon had the opportunity to witness and contribute to the growth of ML6, he has been working at the company since 2017 taking up multiple roles from business development, operational improvement and finance. Before joining ML6, Simon worked as a management consultant at Accenture with a strong focus on consumer goods and life sciences companies. Next to that, Simon is also a member of the AI Advisory Board for KU Leuven. 

Simon holds a master in business engineering with a specialisation in corporate finance from the KU Leuven. In addition, Simon has a degree in gardening and is passionate about the welfare of animals. 

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