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Take the lead with our AI services and custom solutions uniquely designed to disrupt traditional business models through trustworthy and secure technologies. We help you to design your AI strategy & roadmap and build your AI solution with a focus on sovereign, compliant & trustworthy AI.

The future is autonomous: discover our AI co-workers

Explore how AI co-workers are revolutionizing industries! Learn more about the groundbreaking advancements and why they're a game-changer for your business.

AI that works for you

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, but if you implement it incorrectly, there's little intelligence.

ML6 is here to help. Foundation models are driving AI to the top of executive agendas, showcasing its maturity as a transformation tool and emphasizing the urgency for companies to adopt AI or risk falling behind.

Transformative AI solutions

ML6 reshapes business with AI, aiding full implementation by enhancing data, streamlining processes, and training teams.

Comprehensive integration

We ensure complete AI integration by optimizing data, refining processes, and upskilling teams for ongoing innovation and growth.

Partnership for success

Our experts guide your AI journey from concept to production, enabling you to leverage AI's potential for innovation and growth.

What we do

Innovation at the core of your business

We're your dedicated AI partner, delivering end-to-end solutions for real business value. From planning to implementation, we're with you every step, ensuring success. Let's navigate the AI journey together efficiently.

Guide towards value creation


AI strategy & business case

Our AI consulting services guide organisations towards value creation with AI. In the complex context of AI regulations, risk and opportunities, we jointly shape the strategic vision and navigate towards an AI roadmap of impactful use cases, assuring we set the fundamentals right for successful execution

Data & AI Governance


Trustworthy & sustainable AI

We ensure that your AI solution is ethical, secure, and efficient data use, embedding fairness, transparency, and resilience to achieve trustworthy and sustainable AI solutions that respect data protection laws and exceed regulatory standards.

Build robust AI solutions


Robust & trustworthy AI solution

We collaborate with our clients to build tailored solutions that create top-line or bottom line growth. We create trustworthy (legal compliance, ethics) and robust AI solutions

Deploy solutions & scale


Solution in production & scale

We specialize in deploying high-performing AI systems. Our twofold-approach assures technical excellence (scalability, secure, ...) and maximises user adoption by applying are MLOps best practices.

AI Capabilities

Autonomous AI

Autonomous agents are AI's next leap. They are not just tools but collaborators. They sense, decide, and act, with ML6 using this for adaptive, predictive solutions that give you a competitive edge.

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Generative AI

Creates new unique content, including images, text, and data, with a focus on multimodal capabilities like text-to-image and text-to-video conversions.

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AI strategy & roadmap

Define a vision & roadmap for your organisation to capture value in the new AI-era.

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Lawful & ethical AI

Ensure AI technology is fair, transparent, accountable, and compliant with regulations.

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Secure AI

Protect AI systems from malicious intent  and ensure data privacy.

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Ensure machine learning models are deployed, managed and scaled efficiently.

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Computer Vision

Enable computers to interpret and analyse diverse types of images and videos, such as plain photos, microscopic, LIDAR and 3D visuals.

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Natural Language Processing

Enable computers to understand and process language, whether text, voice, code or DNA strings.

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Structured data

Inform decisions with autonomous data analysis and pattern recognition.

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Why clients choose ML6


Years of experience in AI & Machine learning


AI & ML use cases


Leading international clients across industries


Knowledgeable data, AI & ML engineers


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Proven Expertise

Success Stories


Increasing the sales hit rate to 81% at Randstad with data driven sales

We developed a scalable AI solution that allows their sales consultants to focus their time on contacting companies who have real potential for Randstad, and enabling them to build conversations based on accurate and relevant information 

Bolt Energie

Transforming Bolt’s customer service with a Large Language Model

With the AI solution built by ML6, the customer service team now has a accurate indicator for the language and category of an incoming customer service ticket. This enables the team to focus on what’s really important, instead of sorting the tickets first, resulting in a time and efficiency gain.

Global FMCG manufacturer

AI co-worker shortens innovation lead time by 40%

Semi-autonomous product innovation for a global FMCG manufacturer, where product concepts are developed with the help of multiple digital AI colleagues. Combined with human experts, it shortens the innovation lead time by 35-40%.

AI experts and ecosystem

Leadership Team

Meet the visionairies steering our future and guiding ML6 towards creating a positive impact with AI

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Matthias Feys

CTO & Founder

Simon Logghe

Managing Director ML6

Nicolas Deruytter

CEO & Founder

Sophie Decock

Head of Business Development

FĂ© Zenner

Finance Director

Matthew Fite

Chief of Staff

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AI is reshaping industries and daily life, changing how we work and innovate. ML6 is committed to harnessing AI's potential to revolutionize businesses..

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