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ML6 leads in responsible AI innovation, embedding ethics in solutions from advising on the EU AI Act to creating transparent, fair, and accountable AI. Our mission is to empower businesses with advanced AI that meets the highest ethical and legal standards, ensuring AI you can trust.

Ethical AI expertise

In an era where artificial intelligence continues to shape industries, transform experiences, and drive unprecedented advancements, our dedication to ethical and responsible AI stands as the cornerstone of our approach.


Navigating high-risk AI systems under the European AI Act

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Ethical AI commitment & development

At ML6, we prioritize ethical AI development, ensuring safety, security, and compliance. Our approach integrates 7 guiding principles and regulatory alignment for trustworthy solutions.

Guiding principles and compliance

At ML6, we prioritize ethical AI development, ensuring safety, security, and compliance. Our approach integrates guiding principles and regulatory alignment for trustworthy solutions.

Integrated Approach for Trust

We seamlessly integrate ethical and legal considerations, collaborating and adhering to standards to create AI solutions that positively impact society with trust and responsibility.

A unique approach

We build ethical and compliant AI solutions

We systematically identify, mitigate and monitor potential ethical and legal risks in your projects. We proactively advise you on the upcoming legal requirements of the AI Act. This way, we aim to maximise benefits while proactively minimizing potential risks.

We advise on trustworthy AI

The rapidly evolving legal landscape as well as the identification and mitigation of ethical risks can be overwhelming. We advise and support our clients to ensure they can build trust with their end users and comply with applicable regulations.

Trustworthy AI framework

Ensuring Trustworthy AI requires a systematic integration into processes that extends across various roles and teams. Employing the ML6 Trustworthy AI framework involves a structured methodology for managing ethical and legal risks

Dedicated ethical AI team

Our dedicated ethics team ensures our AI services prioritize transparency and compliance. With projects like Otary, we demonstrate our ability to deliver transparent solutions. We provide guidance and support to navigate AI ethics, ensuring ethical values drive our work.

Proven ethical expertise

Success stories

We design AI solutions with transparency and fairness, aligning with EU AI Act guidelines and evolving regulations.

EU council

Ethical & technical assessment for an AI-based solution in the EU Council Newsroom team

In support of the Newsroom team of the General Secretariat of the Council of the EU, ML6 evaluated the technical feasibility and potential ethical risks involved in using an AI-based solution for annotating media assets. ML6 used their risk assessment methodology to assess the key ethical challenges based on the 7 dimensions of Trustworthy AI and give recommendations to mitigate potential risks already in the design of a technical solution. With these recommendations in mind, the EU Council Newsroom team will be able to make informed decisions about the design and implementation of an AI-based solution for their Newsroom.


Preparing for the EU AI Act

ML6 is expert in the EU AI Act, proactively integrating its requirements into their practices and using the Assessment List for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence from the EU’s High-Level Expert Group on AI. Our systematic approach to risk identification and mitigation in the sales process directly addresses the Act's focus on high-risk use cases, demonstrating deep expertise in regulatory compliance.

Guiding your solution towards compliance

AI Act compliance

We are currently assessing the impact of the AI Act on our projects and integrating its requirements into our processes, including risk management system, technical documentation, and transparency towards end users

Risk assessments

We have experience conducting risk assessments by using our internal framework based on the Assessment List for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence from the High-Level Expert Group on AI

High risk cases

Risk identification begins early in our sales process by identifying high-risk use cases under the AI Act that necessitate legal compliance measures.

How we implement the EU AI Act

Proactive approach

In addition to our existing ethical AI practices and compliance with current regulation such as GDPR, we are already incorporating requirements for compliance with the EU AI Act in our processes proactively. By integrating aspects such as risk assessments, detailed technical documentation, data governance, record keeping and transparency in our standard way of working, we are optimally prepared for ensuring compliance with the AI Act and foster a secure and trustworthy environment as a default.

High Risk Solutions

Our experience in conducting detailed risk assessments enables us to identify and mitigate potential high-risk scenarios effectively. We have streamlined our sales processes to systematically identify high-risk cases, ensuring that each AI implementation undergoes thorough scrutiny and adherence to regulatory standards.

AI and Data Security

Recognizing the crucial significance of cybersecurity for businesses, our methodology integrates robust measures aligned with industry best practices and regulatory requirements, including GDPR, AI Act, NIS2, and other pertinent regulations. Our focus is on fortifying your business against potential cybersecurity threats while ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory frameworks.

10+ years of experience in building responsible AI solutions

Partner with ML6 for ethical AI Solutions. We bring over a decade of unparalleled expertise in crafting responsible AI solutions. Our commitment to ethical AI practices, trustworthiness, and responsible guidance in AI projects stands as a testament to our proficiency and dedication.

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