Data driven sales

AI in Sales & Marketing: elevating your customer journey

At ML6, we leverage AI to deeply understand and improve your customer journey. By automating tasks and providing insights, we help you enhance customer relationships and satisfaction. Discover how we can help you achieve greater customer success.

Introduction to Data Driven Sales at ML6

Sales & marketing executives are rapidly adopting AI. Machine learning accelerates sales, unveils customer insights, and enhances competitiveness.

AI sales optimization

Machine learning streamlines sales, fosters proactive decision-making, and drives revenue growth.

Customer insights through AI

AI reveals customer preferences, enabling personalized campaigns for maximum engagement and loyalty.

Empowering sales leaders

ML6 equips leaders with AI expertise, ensuring effective deployment and staying ahead in the AI-driven landscape.

Why Data Driven Sales

Enhance the customer journey

Artificial intelligence in sales and marketing is expected to unlock a new way of creating a truly customer-centric experience and will fundamentally redesign the customer journey.


Understand your customer base

Machine learning elevates the transparency of your customer base. It augments your customer segmentation (and industrialises its usage), drives insights into their behaviours & sentiment and ultimately enables you to reduce churn effectively.


Create true customer intimacy

AI enables sales reps to focus on nurturing client relationships by automating tasks like CRM documentation and email drafting. It provides valuable insights for optimizing interactions, such as product recommendations and customer preferences.


Increase the overall customer satisfaction

Bringing this all together enables organisations to increase their overall customer conversion and satisfaction by offering the right product, at the right time and for the right price, as well as creating a unique experience while using the product.

ML6 Expertise

Use Cases

At ML6, we specialize in AI solutions to enhance your customer journey, tailored to your needs.

Autonomous AI agents

AI manages customer interactions and tickets with persona-aligned messaging.

Lead scoring and prioritization

Automatically prioritize leads based on predictive market signals.

Personalised marketing

Customize market messages for individual prospects based on their unique traits.

Augmented CRM documentation

Automatically prioritize leads based on predictive market signals.

Salesforce coaching

Offer personalized coaching to sales agents using meeting transcripts to enhance workforce skills.

Product recommendation

Create a product recommendation engine to match customers with suitable products from your database.

Automated sales collateral generation

Automate the production of pitch decks in line with your brand identity and automatically tailored to the RFP or sales conversations

Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

Predict CLV and allocate resources and promotions efficiently to high-value prospects and customers.

Dynamic pricing

Enable dynamic value based pricing based on competitive intelligence and customer behaviour insights

Differentiated customer experiences

Leverage generative AI to create unique customer experiences (e.g., An AI recipe generation tool for retailers)

Customer retention

Identify custom signals indicating potential churn behaviour and prescribe mitigating strategies to retain the customer

ML6 approach

Our Approach

Our approach to AI consists of 4 key dimensions. It’s critical to generate tangible value in each dimension.


We believe strong data-driven sales initiatives are founded on clearly articulated business objectives, data centricity, actionable insights, and continuous learning.

Key success factors

Start early

AI boosts data quality and quantity, turbocharging your ability to scale AI programs across value streams.

Keep your eye on the price

Each project phase must show clear business value, ensuring focused attention and stakeholder buy-in throughout the program.

Adoption is key

AI's complexity, despite explainability, complicates adoption. Early stakeholder involvement and strong change management are vital for success.

Innovate like a scale-up

Allocate time for exploration and experimentation with new tech, focusing on priority areas. At ML6, our engineers dedicate about one day per week to non-project research.


Information acquisition

Identifying the right data sources—both internal and external—is key. They shape AI model accuracy and sales results.

Information analysis

Subsequently data analysis will enable your organisation to predict customer behaviour, based on the relevant features identified by the model.

Decision selection

In the decision selection phase, these insights will be translated in the business decision to be taken (e.g., which sales leads to pursue).

Action implementation

In mature initiatives, the model may prescribe and even execute the necessary follow-up actions, like tailored lead outreach.

Proven Expertise

Success Stories


Increasing the sales hit rate to 81% at Randstad with data driven sales

We developed a scalable AI solution that allows their sales consultants to focus their time on contacting companies who have real potential for Randstad, and enabling them to build conversations based on accurate and relevant information 

German, pan-european retail chain offering

Recommendation engine for their online shop

We built a recommendation engine to further increase the customer experience, click-through and conversion rate in the online shop as an engine for top line revenue growth. Using AI to enable high-quality recommendations: automate and expand the existing recommendation process and integrate it into the online shop

policy expert

Dynamic pricing

Policy Expert, a tech-forward home and car insurer, leverages data to revolutionize insurance with transparent policies, fair prices, and exceptional service. Their shift to dynamic online pricing, crucial for standing out in a market dominated by aggregators, involves deploying a reinforcement learning-based AI model. This model, informed by analysis of past quote outcomes, aims to refine pricing strategies and is slated for launch within the year, with further segmentation and tuning to follow.

Building together with clients


ML6 complements 10+ years of expertise in data science and machine learning, with a proven end-to-end track record of AI in sales and marketing.


We deliver cutting edge solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.


We are committed to deliver measurable improvements in sales performance.


We co-create with your internal teams to increase speed to value and optimise knowledge transfer.


We deliver ethical AI solutions and help you to to navigate the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape (e.g., EU AI Act or GDPR).

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