Thomas Vrancken

Structured Data
Chat GPT
Natural language processing

As a member of the Delivery & Advice unit, Thomas is responsible for implementing ML use cases end-to-end. Thomas has a customer centric and value focused approach to tackling use cases. He keeps a passion for deep learning and strives at always staying on top of (very) fast evolving technologies.

Thomas has a long track record of putting NLP and structured data to production in a wide array of industries (human resources, wind energy farms, media, smart houses, retail, industrial services, chemical industry, …). By picking different roles on those many projects, he kept building different skills which allow him to be versatile on new projects. He therefore picked up a few advisory tracks and frequently supports our business development unit. A key goal for him is to keep learning and tackling new challenges. 

Thomas has a background in strategy consulting, having worked one year at YGroup (now Metyis) before joining ML6. He also did an internship on text classification of medical reports for Philips R&D.

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