Sven Rymenans

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As Territory Sales Lead, Sven is focussing mostly on international growth with a focus on the UK&I, Nordic, Italian, and French markets. Next to this, he’s taking the lead on Manufacturing use-cases and is closely involved with the Labs team on finding new machine learning projects in markets or industries where there is a lot of potential for AI.

Sven got driven to ML6 through his love for innovation and technology and gets a huge kick out of finding new opportunities for companies to break the status quo and gain a lot of added value from implementing new solutions, ideally with AI. The joy of seeing an ML6 solution make great employees focus their time and energy on less tedious tasks, become more efficient, and sometimes even give a 1-2 year advantage upon a client’s competitors always brings a smile to his face.

Before picking up this role at ML6, Sven worked as a headhunter for almost 6 years where started his career at Peak6, became Data & Analytics team lead at Volt Europe and then became a freelancer to live a digital nomad lifestyle. During this time, he helped start-ups, scale-ups and R&D departments of large companies with a focus on AI to grow their technical teams all over the world (or at least between Vancouver and Singapore).

Sven holds a master’s degree in corporate communications from KU Leuven after graduating in applied linguistics where he improved his English and Nordic languages. Next to business opportunities, you can always contact Sven to chat about travel tips, digital nomadism, board games, eSports, chess, volleyball, diving, surfing, or how to make the world's best green curry (work in progress).

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