Robbe Sneyders


As Principal ML Engineer, Robbe drives strategic technical initiatives at ML6 and provides high level advice to our project teams and clients, mainly on building machine learning systems and applying MLOps. He is the maintainer of our internal ecosystem of ML6 tooling which helps us deliver our projects with increased speed and quality.


Before taking up his current role, Robbe led our delivery team for 2,5 years, which gives him deep knowledge of how ML6 works and a wide overview of our projects. This also helped build his people skills, which he now combines with his technical expertise to build engineering cultures at our clients.


Robbe loves to share his knowledge by engaging with the community. He maintains our open source API framework Connexion and our open source foundation model finetuning framework Fondant, and contributes to the wider open source ecosystem with some prominent contributions to Apache Beam. He has also been featured as a speaker at meetups and conferences across Europe.

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