Jérémy Keusters

Computer vision

As a Machine Learning Engineer at ML6, Jérémy focusses on accelerating intelligence within organisations by delivering excellence. He develops technical solutions for clients by working closely together and understanding their needs. Besides generating added value for clients, Jérémy also enjoys doing research into his favourite AI field, computer vision, to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Apart from all this technical work, he enables and helps organising company-wide events and do-good initiatives as C&CSR unit lead.

Jérémy’s professional career started in Antwerp, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Applied Informatics with summa cum laude. He always dreamed of studying abroad, which is why he decided to take advantage of the unique opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at the Queen Mary University of London. He obtained his master’s degree with distinction and decided to move back to Belgium to start his professional career at ML6.

Being a Machine Learning Engineer at ML6, Jérémy has had the opportunity to build expertise on a wide array of topics across various industries such as manufacturing, media and retail. A few topics in which he already generated value for clients include recommendation engines, forecasters and manufacturing defect detection.

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