Jean Frerot


As a customer engineer at ML6, Jean aims to inspire customers and peers to solve difficult challenges with the proper technical tools. Working hands on with the customer to identify the most valuable solutions is the driving factor for Jean. As a member of the Labs unit, Jean is positioned in between the Sales Department and the ML Engineers. This Unique position allows Jean to work both on the Why and the How of a solution.

Jean is passionate about presenting complex technical solutions in understandable and actionable ways, allowing even the most non-technical audience to see the value and potential of AI. It is this strength that has allowed Jean to feature as a public speaker in multiple events including his keynote presentation at the World Summit AI.

Jean comes from a strong technical background in machine learning. Like many of his peers at ML6, he is a Google Cloud certified Data Engineer. A top priority for Jean is keeping up to date with the latest and greatest the AI landscape has to offer.

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