ML6 and Google Cloud

Building robust AI solutions with Google Cloud

Leverage the power of ML6's expertise in AI and machine learning combined with Google Cloud's robust infrastructure to drive innovation and growth.

For over five years, ML6 and Google Cloud have been at the forefront of digital innovation, combining deep AI and machine learning expertise with advanced cloud solutions. This enduring partnership is reshaping business and technology, establishing new benchmarks for excellence.


Combined expertise

In today's tech-driven business landscape, ML6 and Google Cloud unite to deliver cutting-edge services in AI, cloud infrastructure, and data analytics.. Discover how our combined expertise can empower your business to reach new heights.

AI and machine learning development

Leverage the advanced AI and ML services of Google Cloud, refined and implemented by ML6's team of experts. Our custom solutions are designed to fit the unique requirements of your business, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve in your industry. From healthcare to retail, manufacturing to finance, our AI and ML solutions are versatile and impactful. We deliver applications such as predictive analytics, natural language processing, and automated decision-making systems, all tailored to drive significant value in your specific sector.

Scalable and secure cloud solutions

Powered by Google Cloud's cutting-edge technology, we provide scalable and secure cloud infrastructure solutions that support your business's growth and digital transformation initiatives. Our focus is on creating a cloud architecture that is both resilient and adaptable to your changing needs. By optimizing your cloud infrastructure with Google Cloud's solutions, we help you achieve remarkable improvements in operational speed and efficiency, while also focusing on cost reduction strategies. This ensures that your business is not only more agile but also more profitable.

Advanced analytics for actionable insights

With Google Cloud's Big Data solutions, we offer advanced analytics capabilities that turn your data into a strategic asset. Our data analytics and insights services are designed to help you make informed decisions by providing a deep understanding of your business, customers, and market trends. We specialize in extracting valuable insights from complex data sets and transforming them into actionable strategies. Whether it's improving customer experiences, optimizing operations, or identifying new market opportunities, our data-driven approach is key to unlocking your business's potential.By integrating ML6's AI and machine learning expertise with Google Cloud's robust cloud infrastructure and data analytics capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to help your business navigate the complexities of digital transformation. Our services are not just about technology; they are about empowering your business to achieve sustainable growth and competitive advantage in an ever-changing digital world.

Tech stack

In delivering these services, ML6 utilizes a range of Google Cloud technologies and tools, ensuring that our solutions are built on the latest and most reliable cloud technology. Some of the key Google technologies we use include.

Python & Tensorflow

Python is the backbone of our AI development, known for its ease of use and robust libraries. Together with TensorFlow, Google's open-source framework for machine learning, we craft models capable of handling extensive datasets and delivering smart, predictive outcomes, streamlining complex algorithm implementation and data management.

Google Cloud Vertex AI

Learning is in our DNA. Our culture empowers you to deliver top-notch AI solutions. We offer chapter conferences, guest lectures, meetups, research time, blog posts, personal training, and more.

BigQuery and Dataflow

BigQuery enables ML6 to swiftly analyze large volumes of data, offering insights crucial for strategic decision-making. Dataflow complements this by providing a robust and scalable data processing service, essential for managing both stream and batch data, thus facilitating real-time analytics and operational efficiency.

Proven Expertise

Success Stories


Increasing the sales hit rate to 81% at Randstad with data driven sales

We developed a scalable AI solution that allows their sales consultants to focus their time on contacting companies who have real potential for Randstad, and enabling them to build conversations based on accurate and relevant information 


Facilitate knowledge sharing over 1.600 notaries by the Clause Module.

ML6 built an AI solution that makes these documents searchable in an intelligent way using advanced NLP techniques and pseudonymization. The intelligent search engine enables users to swiftly scan through a wealth of documents, and thus serve as a valuable source of inspiration for drafting contracts and clauses, resulting in an enormous time and efficiency gain.


Dynamic steering of road lighting & Data-driven decisions for salt-sprinkling

The Flemish government and the Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV) are partnering with ML6 to save energy and reduce light pollution on highways. By using one of our powerful AI solutions, AWV will be able to control highway lighting, turning it off when possible and only illuminating areas that need it for safety. This will be done in smaller regions and for shorter periods of time, which will help to save money and protect the environment. As they progress toward fully automatic lighting control, the operator will make data-driven decisions. Finally, we make sure that the project achieves its primary goals of energy savings and reduced light pollution without jeopardizing road user safety.

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