ML6 at VEK Career Day

February 21, 2023
1:00 am
ICC Ghent
Julie Plusquin
Talent Partner
Guest speakers
No guest speakers for this event

The Career Day is VEK Recruitment’s flagship event. In the edition of 2021, they welcomed 139 participating companies and business schools
and about 1279 students at the job fair. The reach of this event is expanding every year, gaining more popularity from students of all
faculties with an interest in business and economics. And of course, ML6 wouldn't miss this opporunity to meet with talented students and young graduates to accelerate their career !

At ML6 we believe it's important to give the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive while working with the best of the best in a dynamic environment. We gladly accelerate you in taking your first steps into the professional world and towards the career of your dreams. We are looking for diverse talent who shares our values and wants to make an impact that matters.

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