Innovation Procurement Conference

March 19, 2024
5:15 pm
Tour & Taxis, Brussels
Jens Bontinck
Head of Delivery & Advice
Guest speakers
No guest speakers for this event

The Programme for Innovation Procurement (PIP) is organising an international conference on innovation procurement on 19 and 20 March 2024 in Tour & Taxis, Brussels. This event is organised in close cooperation with the European Commission and the European Innovation Council. It is part of the Research & Innovation Week.

Join us for workshop 4, where Jens Bontinck (Office of the CTO, ML6) will give a workshop & keynote.

Public procurement of digital innovations – Navigating between uncertainty and hype

  • What CERN, Fire Brigades and ChatGPT have in common: public procurement amidst uncertainty
    Dominique Buyse

Procurement of digital innovation within the public sector is far from trivial: technology velocity exceeds tendering cycles. Enters innovation procurement, allowing demand and supply side to interact. But how?

This workshop will elaborate on some proven methods to structurally increase the success rate of procuring innovation within the public sector:

- Use-case driven requirements to separate “what” from “how”
- Value-risk matrix to assess demand and supply side innovation
- Set-based design to evaluate multiple “roads to Rome”
- Planning Poker to moderate large groups of intrinsically competing suppliers

During this session, Dominique will share real-life examples from his prior projects and let the audience interactively apply the methods themselves. The outcome: a hands-on experience with successful innovation methods, as opposed to yet-another slideware poisoning.

  • Hype will pass, substance will last: autonomous and generative AI
    Jens Bontinck

In an era of swift advancements within the AI landscape, navigating the fine line between hype and tangible advancements and substance poses a significant challenge. Organisations find themselves at the inception of their AI journey or are actively seeking the next strategic move to gain a competitive edge. In this workshop, Jens will delve into ML6's approach, shedding light on prevailing trends and providing actionable insights for moving forward with a focus on impact and value creation.

Throughout this session, Jens will articulate his perspective on the evolution of autonomous AI, and how to leverage it within the public sector and procurement.

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