Foundation Model Operations: How to bring Generative AI to production with MLOps

September 21, 2023
1:15 pm
AI Innovation Center - High Tech Campus Eindhoven
Guest speakers
No guest speakers for this event

Join the informative workshop by ML6 and AWS to gain insights into the current landscape of AI/ML, the importance of MLOps, and how its adoption can enhance success in your ML journey. Learn about the latest developments, benefits, and challenges in the Generative AI landscape, and explore possible strategies and roadmaps. Additionally, ML6 team will explain how Fondant can help you create high quality datasets to train or fine-tune foundation models.

On top of that, get hands-on experience with Amazon SageMaker's key MLOps components, such as Pipelines, and dive into an Amazon SageMaker Project template that contains all the resources needed to deploy the MLOps Foundation.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your ML productivity and maintain optimal model performance in production. Sign up now and embark on a transformative journey with ML6 and Amazon!

Who should attend

Chief Data Officers, Heads of Data Science or Analytics, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Platform and Cloud Architects, and anyone else interested in improving their approach to MLOps.

Key Concepts Covered in the Workshop

* MLOps Foundations: Strategy, Challenges, Benefits Maturity Model and Considerations for Platform Standardisation (business focused)
* SageMaker Overview for MLOps
* Customer Panel & Roundtable
* Model Development and Experimentation

* Implementing Repeatable Mechanisms to Automate, Govern Your Model Build, and Model Deployment Tasks
* Implementing Reliable Mechanisms to Deliver, Monitor, and Manage Models

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