Discovering Generative AI and Foundation Models with ML6 & AWS

September 19, 2023
1:15 pm
AWS office in Brussels (Av. des Arts 27, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium)
Jan Van Looy
Project manager and specialist in generative AI
Guest speakers
Mathias Leys
Machine Learning Engineer
Philippe Moussali
Machine Learning Engineer

Join the informative workshop by ML6 and AWS to gain insights into the current landscape of generative AI and foundation models. Learn practical deployment strategies using the AWS stack, and witness a hands-on demo showcasing generative AI in action.

During the event, the combined expertise of AWS and ML6 teams will guide you through diverse industries where generative AI holds potential applications. Learn how we're empowering European customers to harness generative AI's capabilities. Moreover, the ML6 team will unveil the power of Fondant in crafting top-tier datasets for foundation model training and fine-tuning.

Be part of an immersive event that showcases generative AI's tangible impact. Secure your spot now, and set off on a transformative journey with ML6 and Amazon.

Who should attend

This workshop is designed for Machine Learning enthusiasts, Data Scientists, and ML Engineers looking to expand their knowledge and skills in Generative AI.

* The event will be held at the AWS Offices in Brussels. You can find your directions here.

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