Data Science Ghent | DIY AI edition (hosted by ML6)

April 19, 2023
2:00 am
Guest speakers
No guest speakers for this event

The meetup will be hosted at the ML6 offices and focuses on applying AI in a DIY context!

6:00 PM: Opening
6:30 PM: Tech talks
8:00 PM: Informal networking drink with pizza (thanks ML6!)


  • Victor Sonck | Victor has automated the loss of his 'Corona'-kgs and he will share how he has done it. The combination of pose estimation and short time series models allows the computer to see if he has done a push-up. If it can not detect the push-ups regularly enough, he's locked out! Uh-oh..
  • Cédric Verstraeten | Cedric is the main developer of Kerberos, an open source scalable video analytics and video management platform, build on top of Docker and Kubernetes, for everyone and everywhere. Kerberos allows you to integrate your own custom ML models. In this talk, Cedric will explain the main concepts and showcase how you can get started to handle the MLOps side of integrating your Computer Vision models in product.
  • Karel Haerens | Karel will introduce you to the basic concepts of diffusion models, the cornerstone of the generative AI craze. Starting from two-pixel cats all the way to million-dollar use cases, this talk goes on a journey through the rapidly evolving landscape of AI created art and will show you how to work with this yourself and get optimal results based on prompt engineering.

This way we can keep the meetups for free: we are an open non profit tech community, openly sharing experiences from both an industry and/or an academic perspective. Meetups are free, but we need registration for practical reasons. If you cannot attend despite registration, then no problem but please do change your RSVP to 'No' as soon as possible! This enables others to take your place (we usually have a waiting list due to a max location capacity) and it prevents us from ordering more pizza than needed.

Data Science Ghent is a chapter of the Data Science Belgium Community. We are always in search for speakers who are willing to openly share their experiences (algorithms, best practices on ML Ops, open code, research, etc) with the AI tech community. We also search a host per meetup, providing some drinks and small food (e.g. pizza with some self-service beers) for the informal after drink. Hosting a meetup has no other costs; so no sponsor budget is requested.

For info as speaker or host possibilities, please get in touch with the chapter organisers: Matthias Feys, Dieter De Witte, Hendrik d'Oosterlinck, Mathias Polfliet, Davio Larnout, Jonas Beullens, and Sam Rédelé.

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