Bits in BIo Belgium : LLMs in BIO

May 23, 2023
7:00 pm
Pieter Coussement
Data Engineer | Squad Lead
Guest speakers
No guest speakers for this event

Bits in Bio Belgium 2023.2 // The ESM edition

👋 Our team is excited about the next edition, as we will be delving into the realm of Large Language Models and Proteins! 🧪

  • Talk 1: Tom Sercu co-leads the Protein team (Meta AI, FAIR) known for their disruptive work on Evolutionary Scale Modeling (ESM) & Protein Language Models. Tom will introduce us to the ESM protein language models and their application to accurately predicting protein structure (ESMFold), creating the ESM Atlas, and the most recent work on designing new proteins from scratch using AI. 🚀
  • Talk 2: Amidst a flood of LLM use cases, Kenny Helsens will direct his attention towards applications that leverage GPT4 in biotech and share his learnings in this presentation.

On these evenings, we bring together a 50/50 mixture of tech/bio experts, get to meet inspiring people, and we all learn together. ➡️ More on Bits in Bio Belgium

Doors open at 7pm, close by 10pm.

Aside from great people and talks, there will be 🍻 and 🍕! Special thanks to ML6 for hosting this edition! 🙏

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