Beam Summit 2023

June 13, 2023
10:00 am
Google's event space in New York
Guest speakers
Jasper Van den Bossche
Software Engineer
Shubham Krishna
Machine Learning Engineer

ML6 team will be attending Beam Summit 2023 in New York and will give in total 4 keynote sessions:

1. “Introduction to Clustering in Apache Beam” by Jasper Van den Bossche. (13/06)

2. “Apache Beam and Ensemble Modeling: A Winning Combination for Machine Learning” by Shubham Krishna. (14/06)

3.“Per Entity Training Pipelines in Apache Beam” by Jasper Van den Bossche.(14/06)

4. “Accelerating Machine Learning Predictions with NVIDIA TensorRT and Apache Beam” by Shubham Krishna. (14/06)

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