AI Insights: Foundation Models, Fine-tuning, and Enterprise-ready Applications

August 3, 2023
5:30 pm
ML6 Office in Berlin
Guest speakers
Robbe Sneyders
Principal ML Engineer

Join us for an exciting evening at the AI Campus Berlin hosted by ML6. We and Google Cloud are discussing and learning about Foundation Models, how to fine-tune them with our new data-centric framework (Fondant), and how to get insights on how to build enterprise ready applications with LLMs on GCP.Doors open at 5:30pm at AI Campus Berlin. Food & drinks will be provided.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Talk 1: FMOps: Developing AI Systems in the Foundation Model Age
We experience a fundamental paradigm shift in developing AI systems. It is now more about aligning model outputs rather than just performance and stability. In this talk we will discuss FMOps as a combination of traditional Ops, data management and model Maximilian Biber (Customer Engineer at ML6)

Talk 2: Fondant: data-centric foundation model fine-tuning
Foundation Models are extremely powerful, but require enormous amounts of data and data preparation, leaving few parties able to train their own models.
Fondant is an open-source framework that democratizes this data preparation, making foundation models more widely accessible. In this talk, Robbe, one of the main developers, will introduce Fondant. Talking about the challenges it tries to solve, the approaches it takes, and the use cases it enables by Robbe Sneyders (Principal ML Engineer at ML6)

Talk 3: Building enterprise ready applications with LLMs
Large language models (LLMs) have become increasingly powerful in recent years, and are now being used to build a wide range of enterprise applications. In this talk, Sören Petersen will share key considerations for building enterprise-ready applications with LLMs by Sören Petersen (Senior AI Specialist at Google)

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