May 19, 2023

Open source catching up to OpenAI

Michiel De Koninck
Machine Learning Engineer and LLM specialist
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Over the past 3 months, the open source LLM space has been buzzing with activity. Through worldwide cooperation, the open source community has achieved groundbreaking results in record time!

While closed source models such as OpenAI's GPT (or Google's PaLM) are creating headlines and are being integrated in products rapidly due to their ease of use and higher performance, open source models have quietly been catching up in terms of performance. Moreover, open source models have a few important tricks up their sleeve like their openness - no surprises there - and the fact that they are in the hands of the users who can adapt them to their specific needs.

As we saw for generative AI imagery with stable diffusion, note that open source models prevent the risk of corporatization of AI models and thus prevent a strong reliance on technology designed in the States. We expect LLM business applications to increasingly benefit from a trend towards tailored, domain-specific open source models in the future. In the end, AI technology is as valuable as the domain-specific product in which it is put to use. In the accompanying slides, we zoom in on "recent" (things are moving FAST) open source LLM developments and what they mean for you.

What does it mean for your business?

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