February 5, 2024

Elevating excellence : accelerating each others talent

Julie Plusquin
Talent Partner
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A company can only be as successful as the success of its people. Everything depends on a strong ‘people and talent approach’ that is committed to individual development and growth. At ML6, we consciously attract people who can bring new insights and skills. People who dare to think about innovation disruptively, but who always fit within our cultural values. So what does that look like more concretely you might wonder?

A strong brand

It starts with bringing out a strong brand. We are known as one of the largest and fastest growing AI consulting companies in Europe. We won several awards in 2023 that attest to this. Clients consciously choose to engage with ML6 because of our end-end solutions and customized guidance. We dare to challenge our clients and ourselves and are always on top of the latest innovations which we also do enough research on. Next to our strong client work, people choose consciously to apply at ML6 for our strong company culture and values that we all carry with us and expose to the outside world. 

Changing market, changing skills

We notice that the demands in the market are evolving. Organizations are becoming more mature and ready for technological innovation. Because technology is also evolving so rapidly, it also means that the skills of our people are evolving with it. Whereas a few years ago a lot of attention was paid to pure machine learning skills, today it is more important than ever to be able to use them multi-functionally. Our people are getting exposed to software engineering, data engineering, pre-sales and much more. 

Our A-team, building the A-team

Each one of us is a consultant. All the work we do is for and with customers and other stakeholders. This means that our engineers must be capable of translating technical solutions to specific use cases/industries and communicating their results clearly to non technical stakeholders as well. Our application process challenges various aspects that are crucial to get started at our company. From consulting skills, to pure coding skills and teamwork. And yes, we won't beat around the bush, our process is quite challenging. We deliberately involve different stakeholders in our process because we believe in the fact that our A-team of today can help build out the A-team of tomorrow. Next to that, we strongly believe in the fact that recruitment is not just an HR responsibility. 


Today, we hire about 1% of all candidates who apply at ML6. That's why creating the right expectations with your audience is crucial early in the process. It starts with your brand and communication. We strongly believe that our company culture contributes to this. For example, people looking for a fully remote job won’t be happy at ML6. Neither will people who like a lot of rules and policies. Committing to the right "attraction strategy" is therefore gaining importance. As we have a strong collaborative culture where knowledge sharing is key, talented people love to be surrounded by talented people to accelerate together. 


2024 will be a very exciting year for ML6. In terms of people growth, we want to grow more than 50% internationally. Our focus lies on Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Given our further internationalization and the projects we already have underway in other countries (e.g. UK, Nordics, US), we certainly do not rule out expanding our 3 offices in the future. With that in mind, it will become even more important to closely monitor our talent density and preserve our company culture. Tomorrow's ML6 agents will contribute to and shape our culture further. 


What exactly does that mean in terms of opportunities? As mentioned earlier, we are looking for engineer- consultants, multi-functional people. We don't want to create predefined boxes for people into which they feel stifled, given interests and skills are very individual (throwback to when we deleted our jobtitles). We currently have several technical roles open where we are looking for talented people with knowledge and skills that will help us accelerate our AI projects. For example, people who are eager to share knowledge and (co-) drive projects. This can include experience with different clouds (AWS, Azure ...) or experience with specific AI domains (biology, energy ...). Simply put, people who are eager to create impact with AI for businesses. In addition to technical roles, our company is also growing in the functional area, HR area, Business Development area, and so much more.

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