March 31, 2023

Accelerating people - even if it goes beyond ML6

Julie Plusquin
Talent Partner
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At ML6, we understand that our people are our greatest asset, and we prioritize their success and well-being above all else. We invest heavily in a thorough onboarding process that allows our team members to get to know our company culture, people, and technical solutions inside and out.

However, we also recognize the importance of supporting our team members' personal growth paths, even if it means branching out beyond ML6. We believe that by empowering our people to pursue their passions and ambitions, we not only benefit them individually, but also contribute to the broader community of AI professionals.

From engineer to CEO: Our journey in fostering entrepreneurship

We are always on the lookout for opportunities to use AI to address specific market needs. That's why we've created several successful spin-offs, such as Paperbox,, and Captic.

We believe in fostering an entrepreneurial spirit within our company, which is why we offer our people the chance to become co-founders of these spin-offs and learn about entrepreneurship firsthand. And while being part of a spin-off may mean stepping away from ML6 in some ways, we're always here to offer advice and support as needed.

This approach exemplifies our learning culture and more specifically one of our core values of taking ownership - we encourage our team to take the initiative, seize opportunities, and drive innovation both within ML6 and beyond. This gives people the opportunity to further grow as a professional and as a person.

“ML6 propelled my career to new heights. Their commitment to growth allowed me to learn at an accelerated pace. They supported my entrepreneurial ambitions and helped kick-start Captic. - a company that brings insights and automation through intelligent camera systems to the food processing sector.” - Tim De Smet, Co-Founder Captic

From engineer to freelancer:  Empowering opportunities beyond ML6

As stated before, we value the entrepreneurial spirit and recognize that some of our employees may want to explore the world beyond ML6. We support them in their journey and see them as success stories even after they leave our company. Robin, who started as a software engineer at ML6 four years ago, is one such success story.

According to Robin, "I’ve always had an entrepreneurial itch. Yet I felt I did not yet possess enough professional experience and wanted to broaden it first. I wanted to gain knowledge with a broad professional spectrum, and I found that at ML6. After these years, I feel confident to take the leap and become a freelancer. I had a great time at ML6. I would apply again in no time and would recommend it to anyone who wants to accelerate their career. ML6 is an environment full of learning opportunities where you gain knowledge from different angles and work on projects for different industries. And that client interaction is something you can’t learn in school. There basically is nothing you can’t learn at ML6. The Christmas projects, chapter conferences and the colleagues themselves really make a huge difference. There is genuine effort and time put into every ML6 agent. Who knows, maybe we will work together again soon!"

We are proud of Robin and wish him all the best as he embarks on his freelancing journey.

The ML6 Maffia Community : Staying connected beyond ML6

We believe that departing from our team doesn't mean the end of the journey. We stay in touch with our former agents through the ML6 Maffia, a community we’ve created to keep our bonds strong and continue sharing our passion for technology. Whether it's discussing industry trends or catching up over a cup of coffee, the ML6 Maffia ensures that our friendships extend beyond our time at ML6.

Because at ML6, we care about each other. We don't just build a team, we build a lifelong community.

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