Ward Van Driesche

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning
ML in Production
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Ward is one of our ML Engineers who uses his strong technical capabilities to work on several machine learning use cases. He is involved in the Machine Learning Operations team (MLOps) that focuses on how to build scalable and robust machine learning end-to-end workflows. 

Ward has a strong mathematical background that he built up during his physics studies. He graduated summa cum laude and is one of our several doctorates at ML6, finishing his PhD on experimental particle physics in 2019 where he focussed on exploring new physics with the IceCube experiment using several data analysis techniques. The IceCube detector is a detector that is buried one kilometer deep in the ice of the South Pole. Ward is always happy to connect if you’re interested in talking about subatomic particle physics!

After his PhD, Ward has gathered experience in Machine Learning as an ML engineer at In The Pocket, getting familiar with the ins and outs of CI/CD and product development. He worked on implementing machine learning algorithms on industrial machines and setting up multiple ML proof of concepts for customers.

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