Victor Sonck

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning
Computer Vision
ML in Production
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Business Engineer turned Machine Learning Engineer, Victor is a senior at ML6 who mainly focuses on Computer Vision, Time Series Analysis and MLops.Next to his technical work he's also an avid speaker and has spoken at events ranging from Google Cloud Summit to ESA's Phi-week.

You can watch some of Victors' videos here:

<orange> ■ <orange> The challenges of applying real-time machine learning in the neonatal intensive care unit

<orange> ■ <orange> Ode aan de Code #18 | Jens Bontinck & Victor Sonck

<orange> ■ <orange> AI Monday 12.04.21 | Stuttgart

Recently he's been creating youtube videos about solving simple problems with Machine Learning, just to learn new things along the way. He really like to tinker with hardware, AI accelerators, PLCs, Raspberry Pi's, Robots, you name it. This allows him to spearhead ML6's growth in the industrial sector, where integration and hardware-level communications are commonplace.

He's also a big fan of linux, rockets and space, builds his own drones and creating animations.His door will always be open for anyone wanting to chat about any kind of cool tech.

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