Sven Degroote

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning
Knowledge Management
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Sven is a Machine Learning Engineer at ML6 since 2018. During this time, he built a wide knowledge spanning across domains and now considers himself a machine learning generalist.Sven generally works on large-scale machine learning projects and is specialized in scalable machine learning infrastructure, machine learning pipelines and MLOps. Next to this, he's also a recognized Google Cloud Architect.


Prior to ML6, Sven has worked at Accenture and Boston Consulting Group as Technology Consultant. This unique combination of work experiences allows Sven to easily capture the bigger picture of a project within its context and thereby ensuring stakeholders and created value are aligned. Sven is passionate about applying new technologies to real business use cases, hence his focus on the applied engineering aspect of machine learning. He previously was Chapter Lead for the Machine Learning in Production chapter at ML6 and is currently still an active senior member of the chapter.


Sven leads the knowledge sharing initiatives and practices at ML6 as he believes knowledge sharing is key in a people business like Consulting. This closely relates to another passion of Sven to share his knowledge, both internally and externally. He has given talks on meetups and conferences like Devoxx and Apache Beam Summit. Next to that, he is strongly engaged in sharing best practices, coding guidelines and design patterns with his colleagues.

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