Stan Callewaert

Customer Engineer

Advisory services
AI Strategy
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Stan is one of the senior customer engineers at ML6. His main focus areas are manufacturing and innovative (technically challenging) machine learning projects. Before Stan was as a customer engineer, he worked as a machine learning engineer at ML6. This gives him the capability of thinking both from a business and from a technical perspective which is exactly what he is currently doing for his customers.

Advises companies are a day-to-day task for Stan. He mainly advises them on:

- How the roadmap for a specific machine learning use case will look like
- Which machine learning use cases to tackle to have the biggest impact
- How to improve a data lake to tackle a specific machine learning use case

Public speaking is something Stan is not shy of. He spoke at multiple Google events, universities, meetups and at tons of customers. If he finds a moment of spare time, he also likes to write technical blogposts about trending machine learning topics.

- Technical talk about reinforcement learning
- Technical blogpost about TPU's

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