Pieter Coussement

Data Engineer

Data Architecture
Data Engineering
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Pieter is one of the few data engineers at ML6. He is mainly focused on getting data up to a level where the data can bring value, be it as input for a machine learning model, in a dashboard,…

Pieter has a high affinity for automation, hence his love for well structured CI/CD and data pipelines. On the side, he highly values internal knowledge sharing and is involved in internal tools.

Pieter is squad lead of squad Golf, and supports the squad as much as possible into an efficient and fun unit to deliver different projects.Before joining ML6, Pieter was a team lead in a biotech company and was responsible for the internal dataflows (omics, linking geno to phenotyping, robot automation) as well as wet-lab guidance. He studied bioengineering at UGent, and completed a PhD in systems and synthetic biology.

Pieter considers the interface of (synthetic) biology and data / machine learning, his sweet spot.

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