Laurens Weijs

Data Engineer

Machine learning
ML in Production
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Laurens is one of the first to join the Amsterdam Office of ML6, together with Jeffrey and Steyn. From the moment he joined as a data engineer he has been responsible for large scale data processing systems at the leading business customers in the Netherlands. 

A strong sense of community is also something that Laurens has, from the beginning he has been a driving force in goofiness and happiness in the office. Not only during the weekly drinks the fraternity student boils up in him, but also during the monthly gaming nights where his joy of games is shared.

Next to his day-to-day responsibilities with the business customers he is actively tutoring students about Big Data, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. Making sure that the students really understand the material and by making them come up the answer by themselves with active questioning makes him happy. Or next to tutoring students also sharing knowledge within the Tensorflow meetups, where ML6 NL is the organizer for, is something he enjoys. Try to catch him there whenever you can.

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