Kaat Van Doren

HR Manager

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As an HR Manager at ML6, Kaat focuses on the personal development of our Delivery unit. Therefore she dares to talk tech and dig deep into her collaboration with our technical people. By supporting every ML6 agent in their personal paths she brings out the best in others and makes them accelerate within ML6.

Next to this Kaat is responsible for the recruitment and onboarding of new joiners and making sure that ML6 keeps on hiring people in line with the ML6 vibe and DNA that can contribute to our meaningful work. To support this she also takes care of our Internships and events for recruiting, where she collaborates closely with the ML6 ambassadors. So definitely get in touch with her on many occasions. 

Kaat is very passionate about People and this started already during her studies in Human Resource Management at AMS. After this she started her career in recruitment with a strong focus on IT profiles. The combination of People and Technology is the asset in her role at ML6. She treasures and admires the people with whom she can collaborate.

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