Jens Bontinck

Head of Labs

AI Strategy
Machine learning
Advisory services
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As Head Of Labs at ML6, Jens Bontinck translates the ML6 strategy to a tactical and operational plan for the Labs team. He enables the team of customer engineers, strategy consultants and enterprise architects to deliver quality and expertise to our customers. He works on a daily basis with the business development team and technical team to engineer a solution for every challenge and to test, define and implement multiple offerings at our customers in Belgium, The UK, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

Jens combines his technical background with his strategic view on a variety of use cases and is keen to share these insights with peers, business leaders and students. He has been featured as a speaker on multiple occasions (eg. Google Cloud Summit Amsterdam & Munich, Google Retail Event Zurich) and was invited as guest lecturer at KU Leuven and Hogeschool VIVES.

Jens kickstarted his career as a developer at RealDolmen, after he graduated from Ghent University as Master of Science in Information Engineering Technology. Over time he built experience on a functional and strategic level and focused on Digital Strategy at LoQutus. Having a clear understanding of both the technical and strategic domain, Jens is able to deliver innovative and competitive insights on a day-to-day basis.

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