Florentijn Degroote

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning
Computer Vision
Time Series
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Florentijn is one of the many ML Engineers that define the strong technical backbone of ML6. As a machine learning engineer, Florentijn is responsible for implementing robust, scalable and fit-for-purpose implementations that solve customer’s problems. He has delivered projects within the realm of natural language processing and computer vision on edge devices (more information can be found in the CNHi case study).

Florentijn spends one fifth of his time doing research to be up to date with the latest technical developments, just like any other ML engineer at ML6. He has published an article summarizing the research he conducted which enabled human-robot interaction with AI and is currently focusing on time-series forecasting.

Apart from coding and carrying out research, Florentijn has helped out our Labs unit on many occasions, providing technical insights, assistance to scope projects and communication with our clients. He is a strong communicator and leverages ideas to practical plans with his technical expertise. 

Florentijn has been featured as a speaker in both internal as well as external events, including the Google Cloud for Retail webinar and as keynote speaker at the Planet Talent's AI webinar. He graduated summa cum laude as both industrial automation engineer and master of AI at KU Leuven. He was also part of the first batch to ever receive the Machine Learning Engineer certificate by Google Cloud.

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