Computer vision diagnostics for the life sciences and healthcare industry

A managed ML solution that minimizes implementation risks and leverages a decade of research and experience. We allow for fast implementation and integration of your computer vision use cases.

Business Value

Diagnostics is a time intensive process and it is prone to human errors. Assisted or automated diagnostics enables more accurate diagnoses at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Custom solutions are costly and fail to deliver value fast, while products and specialised equipment do not tailor well to your specific needs.

Improving accuracy of a diagnosis

We leverage the power of AI and big data to improve the accuracy of a diagnosis. We implement 3 types of AI solutions: classification, object detection and segmentation, or a custom combination of multiple models. This can be fully automated or assisting an expert. This reduces the risk for errors.

Significant speed and cost gain

AI can process images and information much faster than a human can. The custom AI capabilities allow for complex diagnostics of different data types including microscopic and medical images. This frees up time from your domain experts and saves up costs.

Compliance with data regulations

All data coming into our solution is anonymised if necessary. Every prediction is carefully logged in our monitoring application. This allows to audit predictions on a case by case level and inspect all relevant metadata. Our solution is compliant with GDPR and the AI EU act.

Standardised building blocks with a tailored approach

Our unique approach results in a tailored solution based on modular building blocks. This way, we offer the best of both worlds: we customise where needed and provide the cost-effectiveness and scalability of a product.

1. Transform - Our data pipelines process the data and apply transformations to prepare for the AI models.

2. Inspect - Our ML core processes the images using a custom model to perform a diagnosis according to your use case.



We train a custom machine learning model on your data to meet all your quality inspection needs.

3. Integrate - An API  to upload data and retrieve results is made available for integration.


PLC integration

We build a bespoke integration with your machines to communicate, intervene and steer

4. Report - We show standard reports to monitor the model performance and API usage with a focus on auditability and compliance.


Labelling and retraining

We expose a custom labelling and retraining setup to support a continuous improvement cycle for your quality inspection process

5. Maintain - We keep the solution running and up to date for a fixed monthly price with guaranteed uptime and security patches.

The solution in practice

Example Use Cases

Analysis of asbestos particles

A microscopic image of particles is fully automatically analysed to predict the chance of asbestos on it. If this chance is above a threshold, then an additional lab test is done to make the final decision. This saves time from the domain experts because they only look at the most interesting samples.

Diagnostics on dental data

A dental expert makes a diagnosis of the teeth based on their own visual inspection supported by an automated solution. This way less errors are made.

Segmentation of plant health

Leafs are automatically segmented into good or bad regions. This enables the calculation of a pesticide/fungicide efficacy score, which is then used to improve the pesticide management.

Technical specifications

Orders of magnitude estimates for typical use cases, changes may apply

Camera and lens

Area scan camara 
9 fps - 60 fps
12.3 MP - 2MP
8.6mm - 16mm focal length


2 x USB 2.0 and 2 x USB 3.0
16 bit (8-In 8-Out) DI/DO

Industrial communication

Modbus, snap7, opc-ua


Private VPN / E2e encryption
Unidirectional gateway


Functionality and security updates
24/7 or business hours
1st line support
Contractual SLA agreements

Machine Learning models

ONNX model serving for 
Classification, segmentation and object detection


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A Hybrid solution

What is a hybrid solution ?

We offer the best of both worlds: we customise where needed and provide the cost-effectiveness and scalability of a product.

We provide a standardized approach of solving a quality inspection case end-to-end.