Stan Callewaert

Computer vision

Stan is both involved in business and technical topics in ML6. He started as a Machine Learning Engineer that wrote code, gave technical presentations and wrote blogposts. He slowly grew into an advisory role where he identified, explored and exploited AI topics together with his clients. From this advisory role, he started to get more and more involved in business topics, leading up to the role he currently has as business consultant.

Stan his journey has one common theme: the manufacturing industry. He wrote code, gave advice and does business with all kinds of manufacturing companies and has developed in-depth knowledge by implementing, advising and seeing lots of things at lots of manufacturing companies. That's why you will see that the official title of Stan is: AI for Manufacturing Business Consultant.

Some clients that Stan worked together with over the past few years are: Procter & Gamble, ASML, Jacob Douwe Egberts, Bekaert, Clarebout, Mettler Toledo and many more. As one can see, these companies are from a wide range of subindustries: chemical, food, machinery, metal and many more. This didn't only give Stan general knowledge on how to help manufacturers with innovative solutions but also gave him in-depth subindustry knowledge.

Some examples of blogposts Stan wrote and talks he gave at can be found here:

Stan is open to having a chat with people that have something to do with the manufacturing industry so don't hesitate to contact him at this email address:

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